Welcome, KUAC!

Here at FairbanksAlaska.com, we are super pumped to announce our newest partnership with everyone’s favorite public TV and radio organization, KUAC, and to welcome KUAC.org calendar users.

In an effort to provide one source for all local event information, users of the calendar at KUAC.org will be re-routed to the calendar here at FairbanksAlaska.com. If you’ve already submitted an event to the KUAC calendar, you don’t have to repeat your efforts, we’ve added any existing events for you!

Please feel free to submit any future events using our Submission Form – it’s still a free service, just like it’s always been. KUAC will continue to offer on-air PSAs for FM and regional calendar events for TV via submission to  psa-kuac@alaska.org and events-kuac@alaska.org, respectively.

If you have any questions, comments, or life advice please don’t hesitate to contact me at lauren@fairbanksalaska.com, I’m happy to hear from our new KUAC friends. 

PS – Are you a fan of the arts? I thought so! Don’t miss our First Friday Calendar, it’s the best.

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Take a look and then sign up to get The Scene!

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