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  1. Patricia Higley

    What happened to the webcam? I can’t bring up on my phone or tablet. Anyone else having trouble? This has been my wintry window on the world for several years. Climate change has thrust our location in NW Washington into the wet and warm zone. Miss snow, big time.

  2. Vernon Smallwood

    I also watch the cameras from N.Wales UK and always fascinated with the weather, we had great weather on all our visits but it seams to go from tough winters to good summers (this year). I’m also fascinated how many huge fires you experience directly after the winters where I always imagine that the ground should still be wet?

  3. JR

    For the last two years I’ve been watching
    these two cams every day from France. Fairbanks seems to be a very nice
    place and I’m looking forward to coming one day

    The question is when : summer or winter , both look great.

  4. Paul

    They really need to re-adjust and focus this camera. It’s too blurry towards top end of the main viewing area on the other side of the street.

  5. Patty

    This is very cool to see all tucks working and put snow on the street instead of clear off the street. What the event is coming??

    1. susan

      The Yukon quest 2014 start…a 1000 mile sled dog race through some of the most beautiful parts of AK and the Yukon Territory.

  6. Pam Read

    Why do the temperatures vary so much between the front and the back of the hotel? At present it says 5 degrees for the Golden Heart Plaza and 28 degrees in 2nd Avenue!

    1. Tim W.

      It looks sooo cold! But today (1-12-14) appears to be a very bright day. Time stamp says 3:00 pm.
      When I looked a month ago the sun didn’t seem like it goes above the horizon.
      It appears to be somewhat above it now. Was it a month, or even a couple of weeks ago?
      Or was it all along? I think it would take some very hard souls to endure all that darkness and cold for so long.
      I’m in southern Ohio. The cold came down here last week and got to 15 below. It only lasted a couple of days.
      Months of that sounds challenging. Best wishes to all our friends and countrymen in Alaska!

      1. Tim W.

        What a difference of how your town looks compared to two months ago! It is amazingly bright,
        and look at how clear the air is! You can see the hills in the distance.
        I think your city went from 4 hours of daylight to what, 14 hours in two months?
        I’m looking forward to seeing what things look like when the snow melts, and it greens up.

        I’m in southwest Ohio, and things are just beginning to turn green and bloom now.
        How long do you have to wait for that to happen up there?

        I sure would like to visit your State and your city, but I think only in the Summer months.
        Do you call the super long summer days the “White nights” there too,
        like they do in other far northern parts of the world?

    2. GT

      I love your web site and I check into it several time per day. I am amazed at the activity of your people in spite of the extreme cold. I would love to stand on that street corner, perhaps this coming Summer, and to see that site in person.

    1. Chris

      I find myself checking your Fairbanks webcams everyday! I’m a big fan down here in midtown Manhattan in New York City. With temperatures at -40°F, can a typical house furnace keep the indoor temperature at a warm temperature I like of 72°F or even higher? Is the furnace constantly on? How when driving around in a vehicle can the heater make it feel warm and comfortable to drive? What temperatures are public places like office buildings, stores, and hotels kept at? It intrigues me how heaters can rise and maintain temperatures more than 110°F! Just some facts that I wonder about while viewing your webcams and hope a Fairbanks, Alaska resident can share with me. Thank you.

  7. Retifiso

    I’m not sure why I continue to have such a lengthy fascination with winter in Fairbanks; thanks for a most inviting window on this wonderland.

  8. Dick McAvoy

    I love these web cams of Fairbanks and Alaska. I spent 11/2 yrs of my life there around 1969 in the USAF stationed at Ft Wainwright. Long live Alaskans and the US military!

    1. Paul

      My father spent his army years there back in the mid-1950s, he often refers to it as being in the “cold war”. I have had the good fortune to have been able to spend some time there with him on two different occasions during the summer vacationing in the mid and late 1990s. Fairbanks is a nice town.

    2. camishak

      Experienced four winters in Fairbanks…Still feels cold just looking ! Wish the people I had the chance to know will access this webcam, plus other cams in the area, to appreciate the view people such as myself see as the opportunity to be there in Fairbanks. Perhaps someone I know will actually hold up a sign, as if anyone is paying any attention. Happy winter, or happy snowbirding. Stay warm and call your local cabbi for a ride!! Love, Michele.

  9. Jon

    I was born in Fairbanks memorial hospital, and spent my formative years there. That being said, you can’t miss what you never had, and I didn’t know what a warm ocean breeze felt like for some years later. Being down in California now, there are many things I miss about Alaska, but Fairbanks isn’t one of them. I might go back one day before I die, otherwise I will just return to anchorage now and then during the summer

  10. Brandy

    I love these cameras! I miss living there so much. It’s nice to be able to see a little piece of home. Thank you thank you for having these!! I wish there were more around town.

    1. Tari

      I miss Alaska so bad – I know more about what is going on oin Alaska than I do in CT – now. Homesick – one day I will be back up there to stay. I promise that!!!!

    1. Kimerie

      Just trying to learn about Fairbanks – it looks pretty. Is this a really cold part of Alaska or more “human friendly” in the winter?

      1. Mac

        Fairbanks can get pretty cold; the 30s below zero are not at all uncommon during deep winter. One winter when I lived there it hit (IIRC) -58°F.

        That was the morning the exposed hot water pipes in my garage froze (the cold water pipes were insulated and didn’t freeze). Cold water, a saucepan on the stove, and some hot washcloths on the pipes cleared the hot water, and we bought pipe insulation that day for the hot water pipes.

    1. Don Killough

      It can get bitterly cold in Fairbanks. Being right in the center of Alaska, it’s not AS bad as farther North, but colder than Southern Alaska is! I lived in Fairbanks MANY years ago (actually lived in North Pole which was about 13 miles from Fairbanks, at the time) and often saw Winter temps dip into the -60’s and LOWER on a few occasions!! It seems they have more wind now than there was when I lived there ( late 60’s to early 70’s) so those were NOT wind chill temps!!!!!

  11. Claudia

    Looks the same as when I was there in 05. Worked at Walmart for 6 months June to Christmas eve transfered from Gainesville, Fla. Sams Club.

  12. Judy Anderson Hamby

    Looks as if Fairbanks has grown a bit since I was there in 1956-1957. Husband stationed at Ladd AFB, I worked at Monty’s Dept. Store. We lived at 1440 Lacy Street – wonder if the house is still there.

    1. Lauren Hatty

      A quick bit of research indicates that the house that is currently at 1440 Lacey was built in 1957 – could be the same one!

    2. Phil NYC

      Judy, Google Maps shows a log cabin like house at 1440 Lacey Street – complete with a dog lying on the front lawn. Check and see if it brings back memories!

    3. Sue Phillips

      Thats really cool. I was born there in March of 1956. Too quick for Mom to get doctor. So born at home on a Saturday morning. Snow was so deep Dad couldn’t even drive to Ladd. Had to wait for ambulance. I moved myself to Anchorage in 1978 and had my son there. Now in warn, sunny Florida.

  13. Don

    Does anyone know what the place is at the left of the cam, that sits back and has the small parking area? Is it the BACK entrance of a business from the other block?? Just curious. Seems I saw tables sitting out there last year as if it were a dining area.

  14. Keith

    Is this cam on the Lathrop building? I used to work at a tv station KTTU/KATN on the forth floor of that building on “scenic” 2 street.

  15. GABENN

    I lived in Fairbanks for 28 years. Won’t say how long ago I left :) 2nd ave. has not really changed that much. I did notice though there are no street lights, unless they are just not visable via this camera. Is there a reason there are no street lights?

    1. Dorene Walrath

      Just a different design that what you are used to…see the round milk glass colored light on the corner?

    2. Lorie Anderson

      There are street lights, they are the fancy antique white ball type. They upgraded them a few years ago. You can see them in the pictures.

  16. chelle

    Wow…..First time I’ve seen that many cars to the left of the screen! Guess everyone is home for New Years Day!!!

    Happy New Years All!!!

  17. Dawn

    Enjoying looking at this site throughout the day. Daughter is moving up there in about a month from Vermont (actually, she just finished school in Wyoming). Hope it warms up some!

  18. AussieAlaskan

    What a beautifully, clear view tonight! Nice that the temperature has risen to around 0 – fog and deep chill, gone….for now.

  19. nelson

    The temperature downtown right now is -29F it is usually warmer than the airport which is the coldest spot in town. Downtown’s temps are usually 5 to 10 degrees warmer. Area observations have the College at -31F The Geological center at -33F and the airport at -34F Sky Flight is the warm spot at -19F. I love this shot of the area, you can really see quite a bit of the city.

  20. Don

    I’m curious as to what the building is in the foreground, that’s set back from the others…looks like an eating establishment, maybe?? Also…the Goldrush…looks like a jewelry store…is that what was the OLD Goldrush Saloon from many years ago?? I seem to recall it being near the Co-op.

    1. GABENN

      I don’t remember what the building you are refering to is. I might if I could see 3rd avenue. The old Goldrush was across the street next to the Silver$ one of the 2 (can’t remember which) conected in the back to the French Quarter which faced 1st avenue.

      1. Don

        The old Goldrush saloon was downtown either on 1 st, 2nd or maybe even 3rd. Been over 40 years since i was there. My cousin, Wayne Hartzog took me “bar hopping” the day I turned 21 and his sister-in-law worked at the Goldrush, as a bar tender. I remember they has sawdust on the floor! 😉

  21. Lisa Kelly

    Son is stationed at Wainwright for next 3 years so this helps me with time of day and actual climate. I go to Weatherbug to keep up with the temp on my iPad. Thank you for the webcam.

  22. Karla

    This is a wonderful view of the downtown area. I’m sure you get tons of visits, most folks just don’t leave comments. So I hope you don’t remove this camera just yet!

  23. Don

    Love this!! Glad to see new cams around Fairbanks! Brings back a lot of good memories! I worked at the old FCH back in the late 60’s and around ’70…lot different now!! :)


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