Welcome to Thanks Fairbanks.

Thanks Fairbanks could easily be called a happy accident.

Date-Line Digital Printing Co-Owner Geoff Welch had a revelation in December of 2011 after talking with his wife about a series of lessons on gratitude she had been participating in at their church. He realized that he was, in his words, “utterly terrible” at really expressing thankfulness.

He decided that he had to be better about saying thank you. Not just to be polite, but to tell people how he really felt. “I began to understand that just being thankful wasn’t enough. I had to express it,” shared Geoff. “Unexpressed thankfulness doesn’t count.”

In addition to being more purposeful about expressing thankfulness in his personal life, Geoff decided that he also needed to consistently express his gratitude to his customers at Date-Line Digital Printing. He resolved to immediately start sending at least one thank you card to a customer every business day.

Owning a printing company and having an affinity for design afforded him the ability to design and produce unique thank you cards that he began sending to customers immediately. After a short time, he and fellow owner Travis Lewis looked at the growing collection of cards and recognized an opportunity to do something remarkable.

The pair created a project in which they give participants 3 free thank you cards for signing up and then mail them 3 more (brand new) free thank you cards every three months. As they rolled the project out they were excited to find that people were not just signing up for something free, but were really interested in sharing gratitude and thanks. “We both knew that promoting a culture of thankfulness in Fairbanks was something we wanted to do,” Travis explained, “so we simply leveraged the equipment at Date-Line and our own technical expertise to create and distribute free thank you cards right from our store.”

And that, in a nutshell, is how Thanks Fairbanks came to be. We really hope you will choose to join the Thanks Fairbanks movement by signing up to receive free cards.

Join the Movement.

Step 1: If you live in the Fairbanks North Star Borough, just sign up using the form below
Step 2: We’ll send you 3 FREE original thank you cards this week
Step 3: Send them to people and start expressing your gratitude
Step 4: We’ll send you 3 more brand new FREE original thank you cards in February, May, August, and November
Step 5: Share your gratitude with more people

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