Blue-Ribbon-Logo-US-ChamberWe have the opportunity to help a local business make a big splash on a national stage and we want your help in doing it!

When, in December 2013, Date-Line Digital Printing was named the Business of the Year by the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, they were surprised, humbled, and grateful, but also very deserving. What they weren’t aware of was that our local Chamber also nominated them for a top award bestowed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – the Small Business of the Year.

Yesterday, the company’s owners, Geoff Welch and Travis Lewis, were notified that not only had Date-Line been selected as one of the US Chamber’s 100 Blue Ribbon businesses, but that they’re also eligible for the Community Excellence Award. The honor is given to a single business that has demonstrated a commitment to the community that they serve. The winner is determined by open voting and it’s our job to help them win!

“We think it would be amazing for a little company from the edge of the world to take DC by storm. Fairbanks is not like any other community in the US and we want to leave the other 99 businesses vying for this award to be flummoxed at how a small community in Alaska could demonstrate so much support.” – Geoff Welch

All you have to do is click the button below and select Date-Line from the drop down list to cast your vote, but we hope you’ll take it a step further and encourage as many others as you can to vote as well. Need a better reason to vote than an impassioned plea? Read all about Date-Line’s incredible program, Thanks Fairbanks, and see how they’re making Fairbanks a better place, one card at a time.


Let's show the country why Fairbanks is such an amazing community.

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