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Barbara Daly Baekeland (1922 - November 17, 1972) was a wealthy socialite who was murdered by her son, Anthony Baekeland. Then hed focus on visiting every country twice. But once communication lines opened, and the founder of one of the leading clubs for top travelers started digging into Baekelands story, some began to doubt him. As he wrote, I think she simply enjoyed shocking people. True or not, we may never know the whole story. He abolished slavery, built the first hospitals and laid the early railways. She was only saved by his physical weakness, and the intervention of her friend Susan Guinness. On the cover of Time Magazine, May 20, 1940, Leo Baekeland was called the Father of Plastic. The brutal murder was the violent climax to an emotional rollercoaster ride for the beautiful socialite who was linked by marriage to the Bakelite empire the worlds first plastic. But her beauty hid a history of mental health problems that were to plague her entire life and see her employing the services of expensive therapists and psychiatrists. He and his wife, Joan Davis Baekeland, established Toyobi Far Eastern Art, selling fine Japanese art to serious collectors and major museums in the US and London. In that first email, William told me that he was working on completing the travel destination lists of two prominent clubsthe Travelers Century Club (TCC) and Most Traveled People (MTP), as well as his own Baekelist of twelve thousand world highlights he developed. He became paranoid and angry, and doctors diagnosed him with schizophrenia. She quickly repudiated the match and married another chieftains son. Instead of taking Tony to therapy, Barbara insisted on pretending everything was fine. It was the kind of suffocating devotion borne out of possessiveness and controlling behaviour that may have led to such tragic events and ruining several lives of one of the most privileged wealthy American families. ____________________________________________. Barbara Baekeland, allegedly seduced her own son, Tony, to 'cure' him of being gay | Image: Shutterstock. Expand. In 1967, the Baekelands were still bouncing around the continent when their son Tony, now 20 years old, met a bisexual Australian bad boy by the name of Jake Cooper. Brooks Baekeland, still desperately unhappy in his marriage to Barbara, began an affair himself with Sylvie. Becoming a young socialite, Barbara was hailed as one of New York's ten most beautiful girls, gaining her regular modelling contracts with Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, and resultant invitations to high society parties, allowing her to date various wealthy admirers. After the film opened, Baekeland's former lover Samuel Adams Green, wrote an article pointing out elements in the film possibly misleading for those trying to read back to the reality inspiring it. But all of that changed once they got back from their vacation. See what Sylvie Baekelandt (sylviebaekeland) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. It must have been the worst outcome that Barbara could have predicted, and she was at sea for many long months following the split. Some reports even say that Astor wanted to marry her. Barbara had always been brash and flirtatious, and she had always been preternaturally close to Tony, but people soon realized she was starting to use her feminine wiles on her own son. We want our readers to trust us. With snow on the ground, she dressed up in nothing but a fur coat, walked across Central Park in bare feet, and, once she made it to her ex-boyfriends apartment, banged on Greens door while begging him to take her back.