"VENUE is exactly what Fairbanks has needed. A creative space for music, art, and events; a quiet space for writing or conversation; a place to buy the best art, jewelry and goods that local talent has to offer; and finally, amazing coffee and big vision!"
"I Really recommend this place! I am an affectionate appreciator of coffee and this might be the best cup of coffee I've had, and that's saying a lot. (Pour over Brazil) black."
"VENUE makes me proud to be a Fairbanksan. Cool, quirky, friendly, innovative & inspiring. This is what we are. I'm excited to see downtown FBX turning itself around."
"Great atmosphere and very knowledgeable and helpful staff! Wonderful addition to Fairbanks. Thanks!"
"This. Place. Is. Amazing. The art gallery coffee shop atmosphere was just perfect for the party feel too. So many of my guests loved Venue itself and loved what they had done to it just for me."
"Great space! It's an older building but they made it look so great and clean! I love how versatile the space is. It's clearly a space made for the people using it, and allows you to find a place to sit and relax, focus, or chat."
"It is a great location and very friendly and welcoming. A fantastic addition to Downtown Fairbanks. Keep up the great work!"
"Love the atmosphere and friendly staff! My sister said it was the best coffee she's ever had in Fairbanks!"
"Such a cool spot! Loved my blueberry chaga tea! Love how Venue is all about supporting our Fairbanksan ways."
"VENUE does not disappoint but delivers a progressive, openly eccentric with just the right dusting of hipster coffee joint. The team of creators have evolved this raw space into an imaginarium of possibilities."
"I thought I had tasted coffee before. Never have I been so foolish. This was the most impressive coffee drinking experience I've ever had, and even that may be an understatement."

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  1. a place where something happens

The basic definition of a venue is, a place where something happens. We are redefining a bit... 

VENUE is a modern + minimal multi-concept project located in the heart of Downtown, Fairbanks.

Our goal is to change the perception of how people think of, and use a space.

We converge local art + music + food + drink + events all under one roof...a creative space for Fairbanks to come together.

VENUE is where community happens.

Coffee Bar + Art Gallery + Photo Studio + Meeting Rooms + Private Events | @ VENUE

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